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Jeffco Open Space Annual Report: Preservation in Progress 2014

Jefferson County, Colorado - Jeffco Open Space Annual Report - Preservation in Progress 2014

“We all have the potential to learn and grow in our knowledge of nature, our appreciation of what came before us, and in our respect for all inhabitants. Fortunately for Jeffco Open Space visitors, award-winning teams provide opportunities to learn in all seasons of life. In 2014, Hiwan Homestead Museum in Evergreen reached 21,935 people, at events ranging from Ghost Towns of the Rockies to Pioneerpalooza for youth. Lookout Mountain Nature Center (LMNC) reached 70,000 people over the year. ...”

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By: Jefferson County Open Space, Jefferson County, Colorado

Date: 2014

Pages: 18

"Jeffco Open Space is credited as the nation's first county open space program funded by sales tax. Now we're happy to add another distinction to our name. In 2014, Jeffco Open Space & Parks became the first Colorado county agency to become nationally accredited.

Accreditation by the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) recognizes excellence in operation and service. CAPRA accreditation provides assurance to our customers, visitors and supporters that we meet national standards of best practice.

In fact, we far exceeded the minimum standards set by CAPRA. To be accredited, an agency must meet 36 fundamental standards and 85% of the non-fundamental standards for a total of 128 established standards. Jeffco Open Space & Parks met 143 of 144 standards.

Our commitment to excellence does not end with accreditation. We will be measured against CAPRA standards again in 2019 to be re-accredited. We're also committed to the goals set by the 2014-2019 Jeffco Open Space Master Plan, approved by the Board of County Commissioners on March 18, 2014. The Plan sets out measurable goals to be reached or exceeded in the next few years.

We made significant headway in 2014 to achieve our goals. It's been an action-packed year, with more than 2 million visits to JCOS Parks. Our trails, education sites and picnic grounds bustle with people enjoying nature and all its benefits."

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"Jeffco Open Space Annual Report: Preservation in Progress 2014" by Jefferson County Open Space

For additional information or questions, please contact Thea Rock, Jeffco Open Space (JCOS) Manager of Communications, directly at 303.271.5902 or by

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