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June 2, 2016

Study Session:

The Study Session was a field trip into Clear Creek Canyon Park at the mouth of the Canyon. Open Space is preparing a grant request to Great Outdoors Colorado for about 1.5 miles section of the Peaks to Plains Trail from Golden past Tunnel Number 1. The field trip included hiking from Lions Park under Highway 6 to where the Chimney Gulch Trail intersects the Welch Ditch. The ditch has not been abandoned for about five years and Open Space now is able to use it as a trail corridor. The ditch consists of the dug channel for about one-half of the distance, then changes to a mostly wooden flume although there are sections of concrete channel. The goal for this section of the Peaks to Plains Trail is to extend the 10-foot concrete trail from Golden west along the north bank of the creek to the west side of Tunnel Number 1. This would be a multi-use trail. The flume section of the Welch Ditch would be repaired, at significant cost, for use as a hiker-only trail. A bridge near the flume head gate would allow hikers to cross Clear Creek, making a loop.

Regular Session:

Approved acquisition of 0.4 acres on the East side of South Table Mountain consisting of some of the Welch Ditch right-ofway and a maintenance road. This acquisition from Consolidated Mutual Water Company will facilitate a trail corridor from Denver West Circle to South Table Mountain Park.

Approved acquisition of two properties at the southwest corner of the Douglas Mountain properties acquired last December. These properties are on Robinson Hill Road and have good potential for a trailhead.

Approved an amendment to the Open Space Policies that Advisory Committee members must be residents of Jefferson County.

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