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OSAC Meeting Notes

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April 7, 2016

Study Session:

Amy Ito reviewed the information to be presented to the joint OSAC-Planning Commission meeting, April 13th. The purpose of this joint meeting is to introduce new members of each board, share some information and preview JCOS cases for Site Approval.

Regular Session:

OSAC approved the exchange of the Reverter on 1.36 acres along 1st Avenue in Lakewood for placing the reverter on 0.55 acres within the Washington Heights Park. This will facilitate a roadway and utility project along 1st Avenue. At the time of the purchase the County funded approximately 0.33 acres of the parcel along 1st Ave.

OSAC approved three resolutions relating to properties within Clear Creek Canyon Park.

The first is a new lease from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to accommodate 50 more parking spaces at Centennial Cone Park’s Mayhem Gulch trailhead.

The second is a land exchange between CDOT and Jefferson County that will relocate a segment of U.S. Highway 6 and facilitate the development of a new Jeffco Open Space parking lot and other amenities in the Big Easy area of Clear Creek Canyon Park.

The third is a land exchange with Jefferson County that will put into CDOT ownership a segment of U.S. Highway 6 that is currently on County land with the County receiving land that presently is in the right-of-way.

Director’s Report:

GOCO announced awards to Lakewood and Foothills Park and Recreation District for for projects that also received 2016 Local Grant Awards. Lakewood received $350,000 for redevelopment of Carmody Park and Foothills received $350,000 for an interactive water feature at Clement Park.

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