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January 7, 2016

Study Session:

Discussion of Local Park & Recreation and Nonprofit Grant Awards. See article: Local Park and Nonprofit Grants

Regular Session:

Joy Lucisano gave an update on real estate activities. Closing of the Weidner properties that are adjacent to the properties between Coal Creek and Ralston Creek were anticipated to close (and did) by late January adding over 1000 acres to JCOS fee lands.

Discussions were proceeding on properties adjacent to the Douglas Mountain properties acquired in late 2015 and adjacent to the Meyer house on Turkey Creek.

As of January there are 28 active County acquisition projects totaling 8,500 acres and 17 inactive projects of 3,200 acres. There are 35 active projects relating to easements, licenses, or leases (many are boundary issues.) There are 7 active city acquisition projects.

Eric Krause summarized the Climbing Guidelines that were developed during the past year. Public meetings were held with 77 climbers and 100 additional comments were received. An inventory was made of all crags being used, nesting areas, and lambing areas. One goal of JCOS is to ensure that all fixed hardware is corrosion resistant. New installations will require an application to be reviewed by a 7-climber member committee.

Goals of the guidelines are improved communication, sustainable access to climbs, emergency access to climbs, resource protection, and hardware inventory. New routes will require permitting and bolt replacement must be reported. JCOS plans to have rebolting kits available for climbers to check out. Permit fees will cover the kit costs.

Of the 50 crags identified in Clear Creek, only 7 at 2 sites will have potential for closure to protect nesting areas.

A standalone website for climbers with up to date information will be maintained.

The Local Park & Recreation and Nonprofit Grant Awards were discussed and approved as detailed in the accompanying article.

Director’s Report:

The Commissioners have approved the agreement for the Black Bear Trail connecting Deer Creek Canyon Park and Hildebrand Ranch Park. Construction of this connecting trail is planned for 2016.

Tom Hoby announced that Revolution Advisors had been hired to make an assessment of the present JCOS operations and to make recommendations as to improving overall effectiveness and efficiency. Note: The last assessment done in the late 1980's got OSAC out of trying to micro-manage the program.

Baseline Engineering has been hired to provide engineering and construction observation for a new water diversion structure at Pine Valley Ranch Park. The existing 85-year old structure does not allow meeting the State diversion, measuring, and reporting mandates.

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