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September 10, 2015

Study Session:

Clement Park Funding Clement Park now is almost 30 years old and is in need of major repairs. Foothills is looking at doing some refinancing using Certificates of Participation to raise $3 million, but that still will not be enough. Discussion was for JCOS to match with local grants using Foothills' next eight years of eligibility. This would allow the repairs to be done simultaneously at a lower cost than if all the projects were contracted separately.

The projects and estimated cost include:

Core building at the baseball complex (no longer safe and are using a rental trailer) - $2.4 million

Amphitheater - sod and area for vendors, etc. - $1 million.

Parking lot lighting - poles are corroding and falling over - $0.5 million.

Additional restroom - $0.2 million.

Re-sod field 5 - $0.24 million.

Johnson Lake - new piers, stabilize banks, clean the lake - $0.65 million.

Destination playground - move present one away from restroom and enlarge - $0.94 million.

OSAC consensus was that JCOS has obligation to help as JCOS does own the park.

Regular Session:

Recognized the Service of Tookie Nemchak, on the Advisory Committee.

The 2016 Jeffco Open Space Budget as presented at the retreat was approved. The budget includes an additional Park Ranger and an additional Park Service Specialist. Other than development items, webcams on a few of the parking lots are planned.

Van Bibber Park Parking Lot - JCOS will design and construct a parking lot on Prospect's Stripgen property at Van Bibber Creek and Indiana with connection to Van Bibber Park. JCOS expenditure will be capped at $150,000 with Prospect Park & Recreation District covering the balance of the costs.

Executive Session:

Great Outdoors Colorado PROTECT Initiative will be requesting proposals for acquisition of unique and threatened properties. Discussed the opportunities that Open Space had for the proposal.

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