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OSAC Meeting Notes

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April 2, 2015

Study Session:

The Study Session was a preview of what was presented at the April 29th Trails Talk, see the Trails Talk report in this newsletter. Kyle Henley was introduced as the new OSAC member. See information about Kyle in the PLAN Jeffco May 2015 Newsletter.

Regular Session:

Wayne Forman did not reapply for appointment to OSAC this year. The first item then was to recognize and thank Wayne Forman for his 21 years of service on OSAC.

Joy Lucisano made the quarterly real estate report. Significant items: new lease terms have been submitted to Evergreen P&R for the Alderfer House and barn for their consideration; negotiations on the Indigena property north of Ralston Creek are proceeding.

Nancy York reported on the South Jeffco Conservation Network. The Network is being modeled on the Chatfield Basin Network. The area to be covered essentially is south of Highway 285, north of the Pike National Forest, and west of the South Platte River. The goals include preservation, management, and trails. The area has many stakeholders, high biodiversity, and trail opportunities. The Network will look at joint efforts with additional areas to the north near Conifer and to the south along the South Platte.

Officers for OSAC were elected. Janet Shangraw will be replacing Wayne Foreman as Chair. Bob West, John Litz, and Ken Morfit remain as Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Secretary Pro-tem respectively.

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