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February 5, 2015

Study Session:

Scott Grossman brought the committee up to date on the Peak to Plains Trail. Construction is split into four segments - two in Clear Creek County and two in Jefferson County. The first segment in Clear Creek County is close to completion and tends to follow an old railroad bench. The second segment in Clear Creek County is the most expensive as it requires taking the trail to the north side of the Creek, then comes back over the Creek and under Highway 6. The first segment in Jeffco is along the South side of the creek and will have stairways down to creek level. The second segment in Jeffco takes the trail across from the Mayhem Trailhead. There will be three bridges in the Jeffco segments. They are designed to look like old-time railroad bridges and will have platforms at mid creek on both sides to allow viewing of the water.

Regular Session:

The Ken Caryl Metropolitan District requested that the deed to the Community Center Property be transferred to the District. The Committee approved reducing the lease term to one year with annual renewals.

The committee approved a Lakewood request for subordination of the reverter on a portion of William Hayden Park on Green Mountain to allow moving of some water lines.

The Committee approved a license for pedestrian access from the Three-Dinos property adjacent to the Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center, across Open Space property, to allow access to Lakewood's dirt bike track.

In his Director's report, Tom Hoby said that a second Trails Talk was scheduled for April 29 at the Mountaineering Center. Tom also mentioned that Stanton Labreche was retiring May 15 after 40 years of service to Open Space. With Stanton's retirement there has been an opportunity to modify the Organization Chart. Business Services will be managed by Hugh Wilson, Planning and Stewardship will be managed by Amy Ito, and Visitor and Education Services will be managed by Don Klima. The major change is that Don Klima will be responsible for the Park and Trail Services.

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