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OSAC Meeting Notes

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January 8, 2015

Study Session:

Don Klima and Tom Hoby presented the staff recommendations for the local grants. The requests ranged from $6,000 for an entrance sign at Dinosaur Ridge to $1,000,000 to assist Foothills P&R to begin a major maintenance/redevelopment program at Clement Park. See article in this newsletter for details on the grants.

Amy Ito discussed a few of the 97 projects that are planned during 2015, with 55 being target for completion during this year. See article in this newsletter summarizing some of the projects.

Thea Rock demonstrated JCOS's new web site. The site still is limited by the County's decision to use an older version of the software and their policy of powering down the County servers at night and on weekends. The site is much improved, easier to navigate, but can be slow to respond.

Regular Meeting:

The Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation (JCEDC) made a presentation on their activities. Participants in the JCEDC include the County, cities, businesses, educational institutions, and chambers of commerce. The goals of JCEDC are to: connect to resources, promote primary employers, stress Jeffco's advantages (quality of life), and recognize Jeffco's challenges (aging workforce, low inventory of undeveloped land and vacant office space, limited incentives, and cost of housing.) The objectives of their Forward Jeffco Initiative are:

Attract business - be more aggressive

Retain business - outreach to existing companies

Entrepreneurs - work with technology groups (Mines, NREL, etc.)

The staff's recommendations for the local grants were approved.

Executive Session:

An update on the Douglas Mountain, Mt Tom properties, and Indigena inholding in Booth Ranch proposals. Offers had been made on all of the properties.

Director's Report

The Jeffco Outdoors Foundation will be paying the upfront costs for producing a set of eight park, trail, and facility maps similar to the one prepared for the Party for Parks. The goal is to have the complete set ready for printing by the end of 2015.

JCOS worked with Conifer High School parents to get a GOCO grant for lighting the athletic fields at Conifer High School.

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