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November 6, 2014

Study Session: Presentation by the Conifer Recreation Council on a survey of the community. The desires included more trails, connecting trails, an indoor community center, and expanded outdoor recreation opportunities. Of the 50,000 Jeffco residents not served by tax-supported recreation facilities, 20,000 live in the Conifer area.

Mary Ann Bonnell and Lisa Kluesner gave a presentation on prairie dogs - including species, food sources, healthy densities, and ecological benefits - food chain and burrowing animals. Open Space does have a number of colonies, the largest is on flats on the West side of North Table Mountain.

Regular Meeting: Joy Lucisano made a quarterly report on real estate activities, 25 projects were completed and 25 new proposals were received.

Approved an easement for the Valley Water District (Wheat Ridge) to cross into the Greenbelt.

Approved a maintenance agreement to share costs for reconstruction of the road accessing Booth Ranch Park from Coal Creek Canyon. About one-half mile of this road was totally washed out in the September 2013 floods.

Executive Session: Discussed potential acquisition proposals for Douglas Mountain, Mt. Tom properties, and Indigena inholding in Booth Ranch.

After executive session - field trip to Mt. Tom properties was scheduled.

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