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OSAC Meeting Notes

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October 2, 2014

Study Session: OSAC listened to and viewed a presentation by the Architerra Group on the Master Plan that had been developed by all of the entities along the planned and completed Peaks to Plains Trail along Clear Creek, from Clear Creek County through to Adams County. There will be standardized signs for distance, intersections/entrances/exits, and other features along the trail.

Regular Meeting: The City of Arvada proposed an exchange of properties South of Leyden Creek to allow for the right-of-way of the proposed Jefferson Parkway. The exchange would be for a similar-sized property just West of the property to be exchanged. The exchanged property is West of the existing trail along Leyden Creek; so there would be no impact on facilities trail. There was a short Executive Session to discuss the request to have the ability to pave the access to an inholding property in Coal Creek Park. The access crosses about one-half mile of Open Space.

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