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OSAC Meeting Notes

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April 3, 2014

Study Session:

Wayne Forman and Tom Hoby introduced the New OSAC Members - Jacy Rock and (PLAN Jeffco Board Member) Paul Murphy.

Mat Alldredge, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, made a presentation on his project: monitoring cougar' activities along the Front Range.

Regular Meeting:

Margot Zallen, PLAN Jeffco, spoke in support of the Master Plan being approved by the Board of County Commissioners. She requested a working group be established for acquisition strategies and metrics.

The deed for the Apex recreation property located at 82nd Avenue and Simms Street was given to Mike Miles, Executive Director, and Jim Whitfield, Board Member, for Apex Park and Recreation District. This facility is the location of their Pickle Ball courts.

Lisa Kluesner, Natural Resources Specialist, presented the Natural Resource Summary for the Ranson/Edwards Homestead property within Coal Creek Canyon Park as a part of the Master Plan's Land Stewardship Goal. The purpose of these documents is to present a succinct summary of the natural resources identified within each Park; introduce the resource elements of concern; and address specific natural resource management considerations. The findings within the summary were enlightening. Summaries of other parks will be presented as they are completed.

Following a presentation by Joy Lucisano and Tom Hoby, relating to a new lease of the Alderfer House property within the Alderfer-Three Sisters Park, the Advisory Committee directed staff to go back to the Evergreen Park and Recreation Board for further discussions as they were not willing to approve the terms at this time.

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