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OSAC Meeting Notes

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OSAC Meeting Notes
July 2011

Study Session: The study session included a review of the 2012 Open Space budget and the Heritage Conservation Area concept. Don Klima reviewed the five-year financial strategy 2012-2016, including the Open Space sales tax projections and revenue growth, bond debt service obligations, land acquisitions and five-year capital and operating budget considerations, including those specific to the proposed 2012 budget. Highlights of the five-year financial strategy include:

Expenditure 5-year total (million $)
Bond Debt Service 64.79
Operations (1) 54.25
Real Estate

General/Land Leases





Future Parks and Trails

Existing Parks, Shop Bldg.

Trails, capital




Local Grants 6.10

(1) a 3% annual increase is projected for operations

A 2% annual increase is projected in sales tax revenue

Director Tom Hoby presented the concept of developing Heritage Conservation Areas as an opportunity to review the county at a landscape level and determine where there might be areas of more significance, at this time, for focusing real estate and project objectives.

Regular Session: The committee approved the 2012 Open Space budget through a unanimous vote. The committee approved Resolution # 11- 10 Clear Creek Canyon Park/Trout Unlimited OS11-03. West Denver Trout Unlimited, Inc. requested this easement to install and maintain fish habitat structures in Clear Creek. This project is part of an ongoing stream improvement project that has previously included both Open Space and City of Golden properties further downstream. This easement will provide for the installation and continued maintenance of access and stream improvements at several segments along Clear Creek, adjacent to and west of the Open Space parking area at Mayhem Gulch.

Discussion items included a review of the White Ranch/Coal Creek Canyon Park addition, OS 10-32 and OS 10-33 by Tawnya Ernst and Frank Kunze. This acquisition would protect a large tract of unfragmented wildlife habitat and a portion of the undeveloped buffer area north of Ralston Creek and Ralston Buttes and allow for possible future trail connections between Coal Creek Canyon Park, White Ranch Park and Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Additionally, the Waterton Canyon Recreation Area Open Space addition property tours were discussed.

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