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Past Initiatives: Archive

Citizens & government interacting to achieve a goal of conserving Open Space Lands.

PLAN Jeffco’s board and volunteers conserve the remaining open spaces in Jefferson County by watching over and advocating for the Jefferson County Open Space Parks and Open Space Program, educating decision makers, hosting candidate nights and engaging in policy discussions. In doing so, we work with Open Space staff, the citizen-staffed Open Space Advisory Committee and elected officials and coordinate with other organizations and interests that share our goals. We strive to work at a strategic level to move open space conservation thinking and action forward.

2014 Archive: Past Initiatives & Action Items

2014 Jefferson County Open Space Master Plan - Action Item Completed!Action Item Completed!

Date: August 2013

Updated: April 2014

2014 Jefferson County Open Space Master Plan - Released in April!

Click to read the Jefferson County 2014 Open Space Master Plan

2014 Open Space Master Plan

Executive Summary:

"Jefferson County Open Space is the nation’s first sales tax-funded County open space program. It has grassroots beginnings dating back to 1972 with two pivotal organizations: PLAN Jeffco and The League of Women Voters of Jefferson County. These organizations proposed a unique concept to the Board of County Commissioners to preserve the scenic vistas and open lands within the County using the collection of one half of one percent tax on sales in Jefferson County to fund the program. The voters agreed, thereby ensuring perpetual land conservation, stewardship of open space and parklands, and access for public enjoyment.

Since 1972, Jeffco Open Space has acquired over 52,817 acres of land with approximately one-fifth dedicated to cities or districts that provide park and recreation services and open space purposes. Throughout the unincorporated county, 28 Open Space Parks provide trail-based outdoor recreation, nature and history education hubs, and conservation of scenic landscapes, natural resources, historic sites and wildlife habitat." ... read the executive summary »

The Open Space Master Plan is “an overarching strategic plan” which “reflects the mission and goals of Jefferson County Open Space," while respecting the original Open Space Resolution of 1972 and the Ad Hoc Committee Recommendations of 1987.

The Open Space Master Plan is revised every five years, with the purpose and intent of setting goals and objectives for the Open Space Program. The citizens of Jefferson County should be able to understand how Open Space works by reading through this Master Plan. The Board of County Commissioners, the Open Space Advisory Committee, and Open Space Staff are guided in direction and operation by the contents of the Open Space Master Plan.

This year, 2014, the Open Space Master Plan is being updated with the following purpose: "to set our compass by establishing standards and best practices for services, management and programs; and to lead, share and create opportunities to provide life-enriching experiences."

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2010 Archive: Past Initiatives & Action Items

Date: August 2010

PLAN Jeffco Active on Several Open Space Subjects

PLAN Jeffco functions as more than just a watchdog group. It observes meetings of the Open Space Advisory Committee, participates in subcommittees and issues groups, proposes and works for important acquisitions, provides advice to the Open Space Program, helps solve problems and keeps citizens informed of what is going on in their Open Space Program.

PLAN Jeffco, (PJ), operates thru its Board of Directors, which meets monthly. PJ schedules at least two major gatherings each year for the membership and interested citizens. Coming up in September will be “The Dinner with the Commissioners .” Held at Mt. Vernon Country Club, its aim is to bring together the Commissioners, The Open Space Staff, members of the Open Space Advisory Committee, PLAN Jeffco members and other citizens. In early spring, each year, there is the Annual meeting featuring a speaker or a workshop on topics of current interest.

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