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PLAN Jeffco continues to provide an important citizen education function covering county and statewide issues and analyses related to Open Space in our periodic Newsletter. To receive a copy of our Newsletter, please become a Member today: Membership

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PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

July 2017 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter August 2016

Inside this issue:

It is PLAN Jeffco’s 45th Birthday - We are Celebrating with a Party at the Lookout Mountain Nature Center

PLAN Jeffco is pleased to announce it will host a Summer Picnic in the Park to celebrate its 45th Anniversary on Tuesday, August 29 from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. All ages are invited. (...read more)

Conifer Community Park at Beaver Ranch Master Plan

Regional Master Plans

OSAC Notes for June and July 2017

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

April 2017 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter August 2016

Inside this issue:

Elk Meadow Dog Off-Leash Park becomes off-limits by Vicky Gits

Due to a combination of damaging environmental impacts, Jeffco Open Space closed the 107-acre Elk Meadow dog park in Evergreen's Elk Meadow Open Space for restoration on April 4. The scenic, off-leash park was attracting 4,000 human visitors a week. The impacts include stream contamination, embankment damage, excessive dog waste, vegetation loss, erosion and illegal parking. (...read more)

Jefferson County a good location for 'OLOGY' - Geology, Paleontology, and Archaeology by John Litz

If You Build It; Too Many Will Come by John Litz

OSAC Notes for January through April 2017

Recent Open Space Acquisitions

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

December 2016 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter August 2016

Inside this issue:

In Plein SightTM Gallery

In Plein SightTM , the series of events held last September-October, which celebrated the beauty of Jefferson County Open Space parks, was a resounding success! A great big THANK YOU to the artists, the sponsors, the patrons, and to everyone who participated - we couldn't have done it without you.

Reflections by Vicky Gits

Xeric Tallgrass Prairie at Rocky Flats by Paul Kilburn

In Plein SightTM a Success

A retrospective look at a successful project.

The Season of the Turkey by Ann Bonnell

OSAC Notes for August, September & November 2016

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

August 2016 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter August 2016

Inside this issue:

In Plein Sight - Is getting close and you are Invited.

Join us at the opening reception on Monday, September 19 at 5:30-7 p.m. with interesting food and Jeffco craft beers catered by 240 Union. The display will remain available for viewing weekdays through Friday, October 7.

27 Plein Air painting artists will begin October 4, from dawn to dusk ...

In Plein Sight Calendar - the opening event, September 19 through October 7. Come to see the paintings of our Open Space Parks. Interested in Volunteering? Learn how ...

Our Sponsors (In Plein Sight)

Our Partners (In Plein Sight)

OSAC Notes for June, July, & August 2016

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

May 2016 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter May 2016

Inside this issue:

Save the Dates for In Plein Sight - Art in Open Air for Jeffco Open Spaces.

The preparations for the In Plein Sight series of events this September & October are proceeding rapidly. We are anticipating up to 27 artists painting in Jefferson County Open Space during the week of October 4 to 8. The week of painting will be proceeded by a three week exhibit of paintings of Jefferson County Open Space parks from a private collection in the Government Center Rotunda. The paintings by the Plein Air artists will be available for viewing and purchase at the Golden Community Center on October 8 and 9.

Coal Creek Canyon Park Expansion

Local Park and Nonprofit Grants

Slower Life: The worms of spring by Sally White

Jefferson Parkway Update by Richard Sugg

OSAC Notes for January, March, April & May 2016

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

December 2015 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter December 2015

Inside this issue:

In Plein Sight - PLAN Jeffco is excited to announce a series of events in September & October 2016 to celebrate the beauty of Jefferson County’s Open Space.

Land & Water Conservation Fund Expires by John Litz

Trails Talk by John Litz

Be Wild by John Litz

Birds at Mount Falcon by Ann Bonnell

Douglas Mountain Acquisitions by John Litz

2015 Annual Dinner by John Litz

OSAC Notes for August, September, October & November 2015

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

July 2015 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, July 2015

Inside this issue:

Join in Honoring the Land Trusts Concerving Jeffco’s Open Spaces: PLAN Jeffco’s Annual Dinner with our County Commissioners to Celebrate 43 yrs of Conserving Jeffco’s Open Spaces September 21, 2015

Meadow to Mountain: Mountain Area Land Trust by Vicky Gits

Keeping the Canyon Beautiful: Clear Creek Land Conservancy by Vicky Gits

Citizens Saving Vanishing Vistas: Colorado Open Lands by Vicky Gits

OSAC Notes for June & July 2015

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

May 2015 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, May 2015

Inside this issue:

SAVE THE DATE - Monday Evening, September 21st, 2015. PLAN Jeffco's Annual Dinner with the Commissioners: Celebrating 42 years of Jeffco Open Space.

Trails Talk

Birds at Chatfield

OSAC Notes for February, March (cancelled), April, & May (cancelled) 2015

OSAC's Newest Member - Kyle Hemley

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

January 2015 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, January 2015

Inside this issue:

Stampeding Black Elephants

Local Grants

Conservation Café – Starting the Discussion: Regional Conservation Networks - by Vicky Gits

2015 Open Space Goals

Have you visited PLAN Jeffco's website recently?

OSAC Notes for October, November & December 2014, & January 2015

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

September 2014 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, September 2014

Inside this issue:

Volunteers Needed!

Living and Playing in Coyote Country - by Ann Bonnell

Dinner Speaker Describes Elk Mountains Retreat - by Vicky Gits

On Golden Clouds - by Sally L. White

Communications and Community Involvement Plan

Jefferson Conservation District

OSAC Notes for April, May, June, July, August, & September 2014

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

April 2014 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, April 2014

Interested in Land Conservation? Join PLAN Jeffco for their Annual Dinner Celebrating 42 years of Conserving Jeffco Open Space

Open Space Local Grants

2014 Open Space Master Plan Approval

OSAC Notes for February (cancelled) & March 2014

The Next 40 Years of Jeffco Open Space Conservation by Michelle Poolet & Victoria Gits

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

January 2014 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, January 2014

Inside this issue:

SAVE THE DATE! Thursday evening, May 8th, PLAN Jeffco's Annual Dinner with the Commissioners: celebrating 41 years of Jeffco Open Space!

2014 Master Plan and Process

Jeffco Outdoors Foundation

The Next 40 Years: Jeffco Open Space Conservation

OSAC Notes for September 19, October 3, October 17, November 7, December 5, & January 9

Have You Watched Any Birds
- by Ann Bonnell

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

September 2013 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, September 2013

Inside this issue:

YOU ARE INVITED! Register now for The Next 40 Years: Jeffco Open Space Conservation Conference

Greg Stevinson Named to the Jeffco Hall of Fame by the Jefferson County Historical Commission

Jefferson County Open Space Master Plan 2013

Baehrden Lodge: A Place to Call Home

Damnation Toadflax Or How Pretty Plants become Problem Pests - by Sally L. White

OSAC Notes for June & August 2013

Mountain Area Land Trust adds Gilpin County

Trail Additions to South Table Mountain Park

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

May 2013 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, May 2013

Inside this issue:

The Next 40 Years: Jeffco Open Space Conservation Conference

Jeffco Outdoors Foundation

Party for Parks

Apex Park Trailhead

Wildland Awareness & Educational Institute (WAEI)

Crown Hill Park

Distelfinks and Dinosaurs

OSAC Notes

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

February 2013 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, February 2013

Inside this issue:

Party for Parks: Celebrating a Century of Protected Places

PLAN Jeffco's 40th Anniversary

When Winter Comes: Strategies for Survival - by Sally L. White

Open Space Budget for 2013

OSAC Notes

Rocky Flats: 1,200 Acres Conserved

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

October 2012 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, October 2012

Inside this issue:

Celebrating 40 Years: PLAN Jeffco’s 40th Anniversary Celebration

Looking Forward to Another 40 Years

Wolf Expert Ed Bangs to Keynote

The First 40 Years

Life After Life - by Sally L. White

OSAC Meeting Highlights

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

July 2012 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, July 2012

Inside this issue:

Peaks to Plains Trail - Clear Creek Canyon Phase

Open Space Citizen Survey

The Jeffco Conservation Café

OSAC Notes

Douglas-fir: By any other name - by Sally L. White

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

January 2012 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, January 2012

Inside this issue:

A Great New Park

Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT)

Snowbirds - by Ann Bonnell

A Harvest for the Holly Days

OSAC Notes

40th Anniversary


PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

September 2011 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, September 2011

Inside this issue:

Don’t miss this year’s PLAN Jeffco Dinner with the Commissioners. It’s a double header!

OSAC Notes

Heritage Conservation Areas, the New Approach to Open Space by John Litz

PLAN Jeffco’s Comments to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Relative to the Environmental Assessment of the Land Exchange

Fall Harvest: the Gift That Keeps on Giving by Sally L. White

Potential Big Changes at Chatfield Reservoir and State Park by Ann Bonnell

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

June 2011 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter,  June 2011

Inside this issue:

Jan Wilkins and Wayne Forman - OSAC’s Co-Chairs

Everything's Rosy! by Sally White

Bike Beat

OSAC Notes for Jan. 6, Feb. 3, March 3, April 7, May 5, & June 2, 2011

Jeffco Open Space Foundation

The Bird Family with an Attitude: The Corvids by Ann Bonnell

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

March 2011 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, March 2011

Inside this issue:

An Interview with Don Rosier

OSAC Retreat - Nov. 16, 2010

Section 16 by Don Moore

Big Bluestem: Plant of the Future? by Sally L. White

Birds of Jefferson County: Accipiters by Ann Bonnell

Trails Use Task Force Now Trail Users Forum by Peter Ruben Morales

OSAC Notes for Sept. 2, 2010, Oct. 7, 2010, Nov. 4, 2010 & Dec. 2, 2010

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

August 2010 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, August 2010

Inside this issue:

"Come one, Come all” - Annual Dinner with the County Commissioners

County Commissioner Candidate Forum

County Selects Tom Hoby as New Director of Open Space and Community Resources

Tookie Scherder, 2010’s Newest OSAC Member

Open Space Proposed 2011 Budget

PLAN Jeffco Active on Several Open Space Subjects

OSAC Notes for Jan., Feb., March, April, May, June, July, & August 2010

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

February 2010 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, February 2010

Inside this issue:


Hawk Presentations

OSAC’s Long Time Guiding Light Resigns

Open Space Director Steps Up

PLAN Jeffco presented testimony to DRCOG against the Northwest Parkway

New acquisition brings opportunity

Items of Interest from the New Open Space Master Plan

Completed and Planned Open Space Projects

OSAC Notes for April 2, May 7, June 4, July 2, August 6, September 3, & October 1, 2009

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

April 2009 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter,  April 2009

Inside this issue:

Save the Date: The Annual PLAN Jeffco Dinner with the Commissioners, OSAC, and Open Space Staff will be Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jefferson County was formed 150 years ago in 1859. As the focus of a historical theme, the feature of the evening will be a presentation by "Dr. Colorado" Tom Noel on "The Historical Importance of Jefferson County Open Space."

Bond Funds: Where have they gone?

Many Jobs for Open Space Volunteers

2009 Joint Venture Grants

Great Outdoors Colorado: Grant Funding Opportunities

OSAC Notes for May 1, 2008; June 5, 2008; July 3, 2008; August 6, 2008; September 4, 2008; October 2, 2008; November 6, 2008; December 4, 2008; January 8, 2009; February 5, 2009 & March 5, 2009

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

May 2008 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter,  May 2008

Inside this issue:

Conference on the Economic Impacts of Preserving Open Space Lands - read the summary:

Welcome and Goals by Margot Zallen, Chair, PLAN Jeffco: "Some of the issues and concerns that we are going to hear about today date back to 1972 when we, PLAN Jeffco, were trying to convince the County Commissioners to put a tax increase on the ballot to raise funds to preserve open space lands. They were concerned about the effects of taking lands off the tax roles and other potential negative impacts to the county’s economy. We prepared a report for the commissioners, using the scanty data that existed at that time, which showed that positive economic benefits accrued ..."

South Table Mountain Park Management Plan

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

October 2007 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter,  October 2007

Inside this issue:

Parks Forum at Red Rocks - Parks will Rock at Open House Forum on October 13, 2007

Joint Venture Grants

Open Space 2008 Budget

Commissioners Dinner

2006-2007 Open Space Acquisitions and Capital Projects

OSAC Notes for April 5, May 3, June 7, July 5, August 2, September 6, 2007

New OSAC Members

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

September 2006 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter,  September 2006

Inside this issue:

SAVE SEPTEMBER 25TH - PLAN Jeffco and CINQ are having a Candidate Forum

2007 Proposed Open Space Budget

OSAC Changes

OSAC Notes for March - August 2006

PLAN Jeffco Board Involved with Banquet, Botany and Bikes by Marilyn Mueller

Dogs on Leash by Dale Will, Director, Pitkin County Open Space and Trails

The Goals and Demands of Open Space Forest Management - An interview with Randy Frank, Supervisor, Natural Resources Management by Marilyn Mueller

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

March 2006 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter,  March 2006

Inside this issue:

Join us in thanking the Northwoodside Foundation & the Clear Creek Land Conservancy for making it possible for Norm Ralston to see his Clear Creek land preserved.

PLAN TO ATTEND the Annual PLAN Jeffco Dinner with the Commissioners

Pioneer Family Agrees to Land Sale for Preservation by Marilyn Mueller

North Table Mountain Ad Hoc Group

Spring / Summer Bird Count Resumes in May

Bird Count

OSAC Notes for August - December 2005, January - February 2006

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

August 2005 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter,  August 2005

Inside this issue:

SAVE SEPTEMBER 17th for PLAN Jeffco’s Workshop On "Using The Master Plan As A Management Tool" and Annual Meeting

Jefferson County Open Space North Table Mountain Management Plan by Elliot Brown

Tony Sabatini

Proposed 2006 Open Space Budget

Ken Foelske Retires by Marilyn Mueller

Commissioner’s Dinner by Marilyn Mueller

OSAC Notes for January - July 2005

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

January 2005 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter,  January 2005

Inside this issue:

Join us un thanking Coors and the Trust For Public Lands for preserving a key part of South Table Mountain

Plan to attend the Annual PLAN Jeffco Dinner with the Commissioners, OSAC, and Open Space Staff February 8, 2005

Coors Property on South Table Acquired for Open Space by Elliot Brown

A Bridge for the Future

The Future - Clear Creek Canyon Trail

Candidates' Night by Elliot Brown

CDOT - Hogback Parking Lot by Marilyn Mueller

PLAN Jeffco member, Ron Larson, receives honors

OSAC Notes for August - December 2004

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

August 2004 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter,  August 2004

Inside this issue:

Trail Use Task Force Asks for New Input from Hikers and Other Users

PLAN Jeffco Trail Users Survey

Grasslands Bioblitz Finds Over 1,000 Species

Jeffco Open Space Invited To Apply For Goco Lottery Grants by Marilyn Mueller

PLAN Jeffco adopts RS 2477 resolution

The Colorado Mountain Club - More than Just a Great Hiking Club

OSAC Notes for April - July 2004

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

April 2004 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter,  April 2004

Inside this issue:

PLAN Jeffco Annual Meeting - April 24, 2004

But what is a BioBlitz?

BioBlitz Coming June 25th and 26th to the Rocky Flats Grasslands!

Evergreen Naturalists Audubon Society

An alternate proposal to CDOT taking Jeffco Open Space by Margot Zallen

Goco Matters by Marilyn Mueller

Management of North Table Mountain Discussed at Table Mountains Conservation Fund Spring Meeting by Elliot Brown

Audubon Society of Greater Denver by Susan Smith, Executive Director

Bunny Clement - Thanks for caring by Ray Printz

Commissioner’s Dinner by Marilyn Mueller

2004 Joint Venture Grants by Marilyn Mueller

OSAC Notes for October 2003 - March 2004

Acquisitions in 2003

Park Management Plans


Nature Channels Song by J. Donald Walters

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

October 2003 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, October 2003

Inside this issue:

Plan to Attend the Annual PLAN Jeffco Dinner Meeting with the Commissioners, OSAC, and Open Space Staff Thursday, November 13, 2003

New Administrator Praises the Quality and Strength of Jeffco's Open Space Nature Center by Marilyn Mueller

2003 Joint Ventures

Prospect Recreation & Park District - Progress Of A Transition

OSAC Notes for April - September 2003

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

April 2003 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, April 2003

Inside this issue:

PLAN Jeffco Annual Meeting June 7, 2003. North Table Mountain Nature Walk - Joint Event With the Table Mountains

Denver Mountain Parks/Jefferson County Open Space Joint Management Plan by Marilyn Mueller

Open Space Contributions to Recreation/Community Center Funding by Marilyn Mueller

Recreation and Community Center Projects in the last few years.

Great Outdoors Colorado Proposed Rule-Making by Elliot Brown

The Jefferson County Central Plains Community Plan and South Table Mountain by Elliot Brown

OSAC Notes for November 2002 - February 2003

Bond Fund Acquisitions Through February 2003

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

October 2002 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, October 2002

Inside this issue:

Can You Believe That It Has Been 30 Years - Plan To Attend The Annual PLAN Jeffco dinner meeting with the Commissioners, OSAC, and Open Space Staff November 12, 2002

Commissioner Candidate Forum by Bette Seeland & John Litz

Environmental Summit Meeting by John Litz

County Commissioners Approve Lafarge Proposal by Elliot Brown

Proposed Ten Eyk Subdivision Inappropriate Development in Mountain Backdrop by Elliot Brown

OSAC Notes for August - October 2002 by John Litz

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

July 2002 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, July 2002

Inside this issue:

Commissioner Candidates Comments

The Environmental Summit was a Success - Environmental and Open Space Group Summit at PLAN Jeffco Annual Meeting, April 13, 2002

Communication Group Meeting, May 21, 2002

OSAC Notes for March - July 2002

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

March 2002 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, March 2002

Inside this issue:

SAVE APRIL 11th for PLAN Jeffco’s ANNUAL MEETING - The Annual Meeting will be an Environmental Summit

Quarries and Open Space

South Jefferson County Community Plan Threatened

Natural Areas Update by Elliot Brown

MALT - Mountain Area Land Trust by Marilyn Mueller

OSAC Notes for November 2001 - January 2002 by John Litz

Commissioners Dinner - An Environmental Crowd Pleaser

PLAN Jeffco Newsletter

October 2001 PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, October 2001

Inside this issue:

GROWTH IT IS ALL AROUND US - Plan to attend the Annual PLAN Jeffco dinner meeting with the Commissioners, OSAC, and Open Space staff

Centennial Cone - A Terrific Open Space Purchase by Lee Todd

Sprawl, Growth, Regional Planning - PLAN Jeffco's Annual Meeting Examines Issues by Marilyn Mueller

Real And Perceived Threats To Open Space - September 6, 2001 statement to OSAC by Margot Zallen for PLAN Jeffco

Open Space 2002 Budget by John Litz

OSAC Notes for April - October 2001

New Volunteer Services Coordinator by Marilyn Mueller