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Date: October 2012

PLAN Jeffco ~ Looking Forward to Another 40 Years

PLAN Jeffco Looking Forward to Another 40 Years - photo of wolf by Tracy Brooks, US Fish and Wildlife Continued stewardship of our open spaces cannot be taken for granted. PLAN Jeffco remains committed to its mission: ensuring that future citizens can enjoy the same quality of life and rich outdoor experiences that we do today, and that the value of open space lands is not forgotten or disregarded in exchange for short term gains.

Today, as the result of our fourdecade-long commitment to conserving open spaces, along with the community’s strong support and continued investment, we now enjoy a great variety of benefits. We all can be proud of the over 53,000 acres of lands that have been conserved in Jefferson County—the hundreds of miles of trails for all of us to enjoy, and that much of our treasured views, natural areas and wildlife are conserved.

PLAN Jeffco was formed by citizens concerned that open spaces would quickly vanish within the decade. In 1972, we initiated and campaigned for the ballot issue that provided for the ½ cent Open Space sales tax, which has funded our award winning Jefferson County Open Space program and provided millions of dollars to the cities and recreation districts.

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PLAN Jeffco continues to play a key role in Open Space policy and direction in Jefferson County. Become a part this legacy—join us today!