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Date: January 2012

Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT)

1992 – 2011

18,000+ Acres Protected

52 Conservation Easements Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT)

Located in Evergreen, Colorado, the Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT) was formed in 1992 to work collaboratively with private landowners and public entities to save scenic vistas, natural areas, wildlife habitat, working ranches and historic lands for the benefit of the community and as a legacy for future generations.

Since its inception, MALT has successfully protected over 18,000 acres in Clear Creek, Park and Jefferson Counties. These protected lands truly represent the best of Colorado – including rugged mountains, free-flowing streams, productive hay meadows, working ranches, wetland habitats, dense forests, diverse wildlife habitats and outdoor recreation areas. Perhaps most significantly, these successful projects protect water quality, which is critical to sustaining Colorado's ecology and economy. MALT facilitates the placement of conservation easements on land that is both public and private. To-date 12,195 acres are protected through partnerships with private landowners and 5,965 acres are protected through facilitated public projects.

2011 was a banner year for Mountain Area Land Trust

As of early December MALT had closed on seven easements adding over 3,000 acres of conserved property. MALT is working on another four that they hope to have completed by the end of this 2011 or early 2012.

MALT has been approved and submitted all final paperwork for National Land Trust Accreditation. Did you know that out of the 1,800 land trusts in the USA only 135 are nationally accredited? That is less than 10%! MALT is on our way to being a part of that exclusive set of highly rated land trusts.

MALT continues to refine its conservation plan and reach out to its service area that stretches from Clear Creek to Jefferson to Park County. Presently MALT is searching for a next great public project.

The Mountain Area Land Trust staff take great pride in what they do but cannot do it without their supporters. Every single dollar that comes in helps them find more land to save. It enables them to continue to protect the open spaces, scenic vistas, working ranches and wildlife corridors forever. Please consider a tax deductible gift to support MALT's work.

Mountain Area Land Trust Offices:

Evergreen, CO 80439



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