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Date: January 2012

A Great New Park

December 15, 2011 Open Space closed on the 613-acre Booth-Rogers property. As one can see on the accompanying map, the Northeast portion of the property is adjacent to the undeveloped Coal Creek Canyon Park and the South boundary connects to White Ranch Park via two trail easements. The property provides a second connection to Golden State Park from White Ranch and Coal Creek Canyon Parks via easements on the South and West sides. See map on the next page.

The property at one time was much larger and served as a cattle ranch. It had been in the Booth family for 127 years. In the early days, a wagon road passed through the property as an alternate route from Denver and Boulder to Central City.

A Great New Park - Location Map of Booth and Rogers (OS10-32 and OS10-33) Most of the property is a South-facing slope that is moderately wooded, with large meadows, some springs and ponds. The forested areas are in excellent health, without over growth, guess that cattle like the sprouting evergreens. Wildlife is abundant with resident deer, elk, and bear. Views are spectacular ranging from Denver the East, the foothills and Mt Evans to the South, and the Continental Divide to the West.

Road access is difficult as the Brumm Trail from the East is very narrow and steep. Alternate access from Highway 72 on the North is along an access easement that will be limited to maintenance vehicles. Early use probably will be for long hikes or rides starting from White Ranch. With later access from a Coal Creek Canyon Park Trailhead.

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