Open Space Strikes Gold with Colorado Lottery

Thirty years ago this summer the Colorado Lottery started distributing monies to Colorado parks, recreation, open space, conservation and public-school construction. When this program started, supporters hoped that it would generate $35 million for these projects and parks. In the first year alone, the Lottery generated $41 million in proceeds – an amazing tribute to Coloradans’ support for their parks and open space recreation.

Or maybe Coloradans just like to gamble? Despite the economic roller-coaster since that time, the Lottery system has distributed more than $2.4 billion. In fiscal 2012 alone, the Lottery posted a record $545.3 million in sales, and directed $123.2 million towards efforts to protect land, water and wildlife, and to promote outdoor recreation, especially for our kids.

I know that, when I step up to the counter and lay my dollar down, I choose the Colorado Lottery, even over the ginormous payouts offered by Powerball.  I am pragmatic; I know that my odds in the Lottery are better than those in Powerball, and I know that my tiny contribution will add to the millions of dollars that will be spent on open space, parks, recreation, and better health and mental outcomes for our future citizens.  Besides, I think I can get by with a jackpot of a few million, don’t you?

To read more on the article that appeared on last Sunday’s Denver Post, go to

And good luck!


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Michelle Poolet

PLAN Jeffco Board Member. Michelle Poolet is a relative new-comer to PLAN Jeffco, but not to the world of volunteer work. She has been on the Board of PLAN Jeffco since 2008, and in that time has worked hard to ensure the success of various PJ conferences and events. She is part of the PLAN Jeffco web content subcommittee, and liaisons between the PLAN Jeffco Board and the Open Space Advisory Committee. Her “day job” is as President and Chief Enterprise Architect of Mount Vernon Data Systems, a BBB A+ accredited database consulting company. Michelle lives on Lookout Mountain, in unincorporated JeffCo, with her best pal, TessaRose the collie, with whom she enjoys daily trekking in the forests.

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