Open Space Draft Master Plan Available for Review

..and you’ll want to take a look at it!  Things have changed: the leadership of Open Space has changed, and the emphasis of Open Space management seems to be changing, as manifested in the draft of the new Open Space Master Plan. You’re going to want to take a look and see for yourself what I’m talking about.

The traditional 30-day period for public review has been shortened to three weeks…the draft of the Master Plan appeared on the Jeffco Open Space website (oops, pardon me, the Jeffco PARKS website) just today, and public comment is due on the 31st of August. So hurry!

I was going to suggest that you compare the new draft ( to the existing Master Plan from 2008, but it appears that the current Master Plan, which technically is still in force, has been taken offline! We’ll try to post a copy of the 2008 Open Space Master Plan on this website as soon as possible.

In the meantime, start acquainting yourself with the new draft, and when you’re ready, send your comments to Thea Rock,


About the author /

Michelle Poolet

PLAN Jeffco Board Member. Michelle Poolet is a relative new-comer to PLAN Jeffco, but not to the world of volunteer work. She has been on the Board of PLAN Jeffco since 2008, and in that time has worked hard to ensure the success of various PJ conferences and events. She is part of the PLAN Jeffco web content subcommittee, and liaisons between the PLAN Jeffco Board and the Open Space Advisory Committee. Her “day job” is as President and Chief Enterprise Architect of Mount Vernon Data Systems, a BBB A+ accredited database consulting company. Michelle lives on Lookout Mountain, in unincorporated JeffCo, with her best pal, TessaRose the collie, with whom she enjoys daily trekking in the forests.

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