July 2014 Recap – In and Around Jeffco Open Space

Well, since I don’t monitor the news feeds every day, there’s a lot that I’ve missed…but this is what I’ve been able to glean as I career through my work-week. Please feel free to participate by commenting on the events and adding things that I’ve just plain missed.



 Golden Gets Grant For West 44th Avenue Trail (Golden Transcript, July 1st, 2014):

“The City of Golden received a $210,386 grant from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) in order to build the West 44th Avenue Trail. Partnering with Jefferson County Parks and Open Space, the City of Golden applied for the grant through GOCO’s Path to Parks Program in March…”

Read the whole story at http://goldentranscript.net/stories/Golden-Awarded-grant-to-build-West-44th-Avenue-Trail,160956?


Team Evergreen Proposes Bike Series in Jeffco Open Space (Canyon Courier, July 23rd, 2014):

“Members of Team Evergreen Cycling are exploring the possibility of holding biking events at Jefferson County open space parks. The Mountain Bike Series of the organization would raise funds for trail construction and renovation, said Tom Hoby, director of Jeffco Parks and Open Space.’’

Read the whole story at http://www.canyoncourier.com/content/team-evergreen-proposes-mountain-bike-series-jeffco-open-space (subscription may be required)


Working Group Recommends Arvada Site for Outdoor Shooting Range in Jeffco (Canyon Courier, July 23rd, 2014):

“A working group charged with finding an acceptable location for an outdoor public shooting range in Jefferson County has narrowed the choices to a former quarry in Arvada or another site within that city.

Tom Hoby, Jefferson County Parks and Open Space director, said issues regarding proximity to residents and impacts on natural resources have made the selection process difficult, during a presentation about the shooting-range study to the Jeffco Open Space Advisory Committee on July 10…”

Read the whole story at http://www.canyoncourier.com/content/working-group-recommends-arvada-site-outdoor-shooting-range-jeffco (subscription may be required)

[This section of the article has me a little concerned…] Hoby said that a funding source for the shooting range has not been determined, but it would possibly be a public-private enterprise. If the county commissioners decide to move forward with the project, grants would be pursued along with proceeds from the state lottery, he said.

Development cost for the facility is estimated at $200,000 to $1 million, plus operational, insurance and staff costs, Hoby said.

If the county commissioners decide to hire a consultant to work on the shooting-range project, Hoby said he would recommend that the cost be shared between the county and open space.

Hoby is planning to present the working group’s finding and recommendations to Jeffco commissioners on July 22.  [Note that BCC meetings most often take place at 8AM…but check the website http://jeffco.us/bcc/meetings/ for a full schedule]

Most members of the Open Space Advisory Committee listened quietly to Hoby’s presentation on the shooting range.

However, committee member Tookie Nemchak expressed concern about a perception that the shooting range may be an open-space project.

“The public is going to think this is an initiative we have undertaken. That’s a shame,” Nemchak said.


Neglected Trails in No-Man’s Land (YourHub, July 24th, 2014):

“JEFFERSON COUNTY —At the Morrison exit of Interstate 70, signs direct travelers to a point of geological interest. But anyone who follows the signs finds destruction and neglect, and local agencies do not seem to know who is responsible for addressing the situation…”

Read the whole story at http://www.denverpost.com/News/ci_26194768/Dinosaur-Ridge-trails-near-Morrison-showing-signs-of-vandals-neglect

[Is this an example of left-hand, right-hand, and no one really knows what’s going on?]

Representatives of CDOT initially said the path was likely part of Jefferson County Open Space, but that agency’s communication manager said the trail is not within its park system and, if it were, it would be better maintained.

The property likely does fall within CDOT right-of-way, public information officer Bob Wilson said after looking into the situation further.

Wilson said that if CDOT does conclude that the trails are its responsibility, it will look into the next steps toward maintaining the property.

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Michelle Poolet

PLAN Jeffco Board Member. Michelle Poolet is a relative new-comer to PLAN Jeffco, but not to the world of volunteer work. She has been on the Board of PLAN Jeffco since 2008, and in that time has worked hard to ensure the success of various PJ conferences and events. She is part of the PLAN Jeffco web content subcommittee, and liaisons between the PLAN Jeffco Board and the Open Space Advisory Committee. Her “day job” is as President and Chief Enterprise Architect of Mount Vernon Data Systems, a BBB A+ accredited database consulting company. Michelle lives on Lookout Mountain, in unincorporated JeffCo, with her best pal, TessaRose the collie, with whom she enjoys daily trekking in the forests.

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