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PLAN Jeffco provides an important citizen education function keeping you informed about what is going on in your Open Space Program and covering county & statewide issues and analyses related to Open Space.

Date: January 2012

A Great New Park

December 15, 2011 Open Space closed on the 613-acre Booth-Rogers property. As one can see on the accompanying map, the Northeast portion of the property is adjacent to the undeveloped Coal Creek Canyon Park and the South boundary connects to White Ranch Park via two trail easements. The property provides a second connection to Golden State Park from White Ranch and ... read more »

Date: September 2011

Heritage Conservation Areas, the New Approach to Open Space

By John Litz

The 10-year Funding Plan, discussed in the OSAC Notes in the June 2011 PLAN Jeffco Update, identifies significantly fewer dollars available for land acquisition from 2011 to 2020. The flat economy, which is generating only slight increases in sales tax revenue, is mostly responsible for this change. Servicing of the bonds is ... read more »

Date: June 2011

Jan Wilkins and Wayne Forman – OSAC’s Co-Chairs

Jan Wilkins and Wayne Forman – OSAC’s Co-Chairs When long-time OSAC Chairperson Greg Stevinson stepped down from this post as OSAC Chair in 2009, prior to the end of his term, Jan Wilkins & Wayne Forman – also seasoned veterans of OSAC, stepped up to co-chair the Committee. Finding that they worked together so well, they requested that this ruling structure remain in place, but alas...bylaws are bylaws, and OSAC doesn’t allow for co-chairing. So Wayne stepped into the Chairperson position, and Jan is now a Co-Vice Chair with Ken Morfit. ... read more »

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