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Upcoming Events

PLAN Jeffco is excited to announce a series of events in September & October 2016 to celebrate the beauty of Jefferson County Open Space parks—

PLAN Jeffco is excited to announce a series of events in September and October 2016 to celebrate the beauty of our open space - In Plein Sight. Click to learn more and become a sponsor today!

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Sponsorship Packet

Artists - call for entry

Press Release (Aug 23)

Golden Transcript (Sept 27)

Denver Westword article (Sept)

5280 article (Oct 3)

Denver Post article (Oct 6)

Golden.com article (Oct 7)

Canyon Courier article (Oct 12)

Wheat Ridge Transcript (Oct 13)

Meet the Artists

KDVR (September 29, 2016)

Invitation from Margot Zallen, President of PLAN Jeffco

Event Details

- The Opening Event

Art Exhibition

September 19, 2016

- The Staging Event

Plein Air Painting at Parks

October 4th – 8th, 2016

- The Main Event

Art Gallery and Sale

October 8th – 9th, 2016

Event Photo Gallery

- Art Exhibition Photos

- Plein Air Painting Photos

- Art Gallery and Sale Photos

About PLAN Jeffco: 1972–2015

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Click for a printable copy of our In Plein Sight 2016 Sponsorship Packet