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Vision, Mission, & Guiding Principles

Citizens & Government interacting to achieve a goal of conserving Open Space Lands

Plan Jeffco Statement of Purpose

To this day, PLAN Jeffco continues to be a relentless advocate for and of the Jefferson County’s Open Space Park system, now 55,000 acres strong, with over 150 miles of trails and still growing. PLAN Jeffco also engages directly with the county staff, elected officials and other citizen groups, to ensure that the local government continues to respect the wishes of the voters who, in 1972, voted to tax themselves so that they could protect and enjoy some of the most beautiful and ecologically important lands in the Central Rocky Mountain area. Additionally, we initiated the effort and are responsible for nearly 73% of the Jeffco voters approving a $160 million land acquisition bond issue in 1997.

Plan Jeffco Vision

We envision a Jefferson County that preserves and connects open spaces that benefit wildlife, ecosystems, recreation, economic vitality, and quality of life.

Plan Jeffco Mission

Plan Jeffco works to preserve open space in a manner consistent with our core conservation values by educating and motivating citizens, monitoring government agencies, advocating, and working with aligned associations and citizens.

Plan Jeffco’s Guiding Principles

We undertake our work under the following principles:

  1. We focus on our vision and mission through respectful collaboration with others.
  2. We are open to new ideas and perspectives.
  3. We are open, accessible, and nonpartisan.
  4. We seek pragmatic and sustainable outcomes to achieve our goals.
  5. We are solution-oriented while being true to our core conservation values.
  6. We recognize that open space preservation contributes to the county’s economic vitality.

Conservation Values

Open Space lands are our natural heritage and promote healthy and happy living. They protect wildlife habitat, clean water, sensitive species and ecosystems, and natural vistas. They provide natural buffers between communities as well as natural connectors between communities. They provide hiking, biking, bird watching, learning and other types of nature-based recreation, and are locales where people can connect physically and spiritually to the natural world.

  1. We believe that lands in natural condition should be conserved in perpetuity in and around our communities.
  2. We recognize that some open space lands lend themselves to natural resource dependent recreation while others need to be managed primarily for their natural values.
  3. We understand that conservation of natural lands requires citizen activism and vigilance.
  4. We believe that our communities should strive to redevelop blighted lands within developed zones instead of building on undeveloped lands.

Plan Jeffco’s board and volunteers conserve the remaining open spaces in Jefferson County by watching over and advocating for the Open Space Parks and Program, and engaging in related policy-making. In doing so, we work with Open Space staff and elected officials and coordinate with other organizations and interests that share our goals. We strive to work at a strategic level and push the thinking and action around open space conservation forward.